We were providing Blesta licenses at no cost for a long time, hoping that it will benefit both of us. However, during the last 12 months we were losing money from the offer and we are no longer able to offer this license free of charge.


Will my Blesta License be cancelled or suspended?
We will not cancel it. Instead, we will send you an invoice of $5 for the renewal of your license. What it means is that from the next renewal date, you will be charged $5 per month for Blesta. Customers who do not want to renew their Blesta license can cancel it by logging to their respective accounts and proceeding to the cancellation page.

Why did we start charging money for Blesta?
As we said, we cannot continue to run at a loss for a long time. No business can do it for a long time. Please, try to understand our problem.


Kunnu (Staff)
Dewlance Hosting

Friday, April 12, 2019

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