We are currently migrating Australian server from cPanel to DirectAdmin and it will be migrated within few hours but our customers will be not need to worry because we are using additional server for migration with Cluster DNS so your website will be running normally.

There will be no any downtime due to migration because we are using DNS Cluster which allow us to transfer traffic from current IP to our temporary server and once we will install and configured our Australian server then we will move traffic to that server and shutdown temporary server.

Progress on Canadian Server:

  • We already successfully migrated it to DirectAdmin,  Control Panel URL will be same.


Why we are migrating to DirectAdmin?

  • cPanel increased price by 900% to 1400% which is very high and not possible for budget provider to run their business on their per account price basis model. So we tested DirectAdmin from last 15 to 20 days and found that DirectAdmin new UI is really good and customer can easily use it without any issue. We will also give Video and Test Tutorial.





Thursday, July 18, 2019

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